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Privacy Statement

To support our work ChildFund Australia collects your personal information on this website as well as on the phone to sell you raffle entries and to administer your participation in draws for prizes with lottery manager InsightCFS ( Banks, mail house and other suppliers including Insight CFS receive your information in order to provide these services. If you do not supply your information we may not be able to include you in the draw for prizes. Information is not sent overseas. Contact us if you have any questions; 1800 901 751.

For information about privacy in relation to ChildFund Australia’s general activities outside this policy, please see the ChildFund Australia¬†privacy policy.

We Respect Your Privacy

We contact members of the public from time to time regarding fundraising initiatives.

If you would prefer that we do not contact you regarding the Raffle, please call us on 1800 901 751 or contact us. A member of our supporter services team will process your request on the next available business day

If you have any questions, or would like to stop receiving calls please call us on 1800 901 751.

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